Sunday, September 27, 2020

Top 20 American Idol, season 18

 Place Name

1 Just Sam       - Winner

Samantha Diaz was known by her stage name Just Sam. She is a singer-songwriter from New York who very popular after winning the eighteenth season of the reality show American Idol.

2 Arthur Gunn - Runnerup

3–5 Dillon James - Finalist

Francisco Martin - Finalist

Jonny West - Finalist

6–7 Julia Gargano

Louis Knight

8–11 Sophia James

Grace Leer

Makayla Phillips

Jovin Webb

12–20 Faith Becnel

Franklin Boone

Dewayne Crocker Jr.

Cyniah Elise

Kimmy Gabriela

Aliana Jester

Nick Merico

Lauren Spencer-Smith

Olivia Ximines


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