Monday, September 28, 2020

The Top 20 Best Common Interview Questions


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The key to popular interviews is practice. A detailed interview guide will help you make this day safer, reassuring, and ensure you have some well-thought-out solutions to excite the interviewer.

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This is our definitive list of common interview questions :

1. Tell me about yourself?

2. What are your weakness?

3. Why should we select you for this job?

4. What are your hobbies?

5. Where do you see yourself in the last 3 years' time?

6. Why are you leaving your present job?

7. What are your strengths?

8. Why do you want to work in this company?

9. What are the things that motivate you?

10. Do you choose to operate on your own or through a team?

11. What salary do you expect?

12. Tell me about your achievements?

13. Tell me about the challenging situation and how you overcome it

14.What do you know about us?

15. What would your colleagues say about your pleasant characteristics?

16. What can you do here in your previous experience?

17. What makes a good leader or manager?

18. What do you think about your biggest failure in your life?

19. How do you deal with stress in working?

20. Why is there a gap in your working experience?

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