Sunday, September 27, 2020

Top 20 Richest People in China

 #1 Jack Ma He is a Chinese business magnate & investor. He is the co-founder and chairman of Alibaba Group,

a multinational technology company.

By Foundations World Economic Forum - Enabling eCommerce: Small Enterprises, Global Players, CC BY 2.0,

$38.2 B

#2 Ma Huateng

He is a Chinese business magnate & investor. He is the founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of Tencent, Asia's very best company, one of the largest Internet and technology companies, and they heavily invest in gaming and entertainment.
TechCrunch / CC BY (

$36 B

#3 Hui Ka Yan
He is a Chinese billionaire businessman and chairman of Evergrande Group, a Chinese largest real estate developer.
$30 B

#4 Sun Piaoyang
62 Year old Mr. Sun Piaoyang is a Chinese billionaire, He is the chairman of pharmaceutical company Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine

$25.8 B

#5 Yang Huiyan
$23.9 B real estate

#6 He Xiangjian
$23.2 B home appliances

#7 Colin Zheng Huang
$21.2 B e-commerce

#8 William Lei Ding
$17.2 B online games

#9 Qin Yinglin
$16.6 B pig breeding

#10 Zhang Yiming
$16.2 B software

#11 Wang Wei
$14.3 B package delivery

#12 Li Shufu
$12.9 B automobiles

#13 Pang Kang
$12.6 B soy sauce maker

#14 Wang Jianlin
$12.5 B real estate

#15 Zhang Zhidong
$12.2 B internet media

#16 Fan Hongwei
$11.7 B petrochemicals

#17 Wu Yajun
$11.6 B real estate

#18 Hui Wing Mau
$10.3 B real estate

#19 Liu Yonghao
$10.1 B agribusiness

#20 Sun Hongbin
$10 B real estate


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