Thursday, September 24, 2020

Top 20 Richest People In Sri Lanka

01. Ishara C Nanayakkara

Ishara Chinthaka Nanayakkara is a Sri Lankan businessman. As of December 2019, he is the richest person in Sri Lanka. He is currently the vice chairman of the LOLC group. He chases after Dhammika Perera. second richest person in Sri Lanka. Total wealth 5 Billion USD.

Ishara Nanayakkara

02. Dhammika Perera:

Dhammika Perera is the richest man in Sri Lanka. This person's main source of income are finance, manufacturing , hotels & casino. Mr. Perera is the chairman and CEO of Vallibel One Group, a holding company, and financial services company. Dhammika Perera was born in Payagala, Sri Lanka in 1968. Mr. Dhammika Perera currently has total assets of approximately $ 4 billion.

03. SE Captain:

The Sohli and Rusi Kapitan families are the third richest people in Sri Lanka. The family is a major shareholder in John Keells Holdings, one of the largest holdings in Sri Lanka. The total assets of Sohli and Rusi Kapitan are currently around $ 3 billion.

04. Harry Jayawardena:

Mr. Harry Jayewardene is 4th on the list of Richest People in Sri Lanka. This person's main source of income is finance & business. He is currently the Chairman and Director of the Aitken spence company in Sri Lanka. Harry Jayawardena's total net worth is currently around $ 2 billion.

05: Mano Selvanathan:

Mr. Mano Selvanathan is a member of the board of directors of Ceybank Asset Management Ltd, CEO of Carson Cumberbatch PLC Group, chairman of Sellinsing PLC, Sri Krishna Corporation Limited, chairman of Ceylon Finance and Securities Limited.

06: Mr. Harry Selvanathan:

Mr. Harry Selvananat is the 6th richest man in Sri Lanka, He is another Sri Lankan brother who ranks  among the richest, namely Mr. Mano Selvananathan.

07: Ashok Pathirage:

Ashok Pathirage ranks 7th in the list of 10 richest people in Sri Lanka. He is Chairman of Access Engineering,Odel Ltd, Asiri Hospitals PLC, NDB Capital Holdings PLC.

08: Lalith Wegapitiya:

Laughs Gas, Laughs Super markets

09: Mr. Muzaffar Ali Yaseen: 

DFCC Bank, Distilleries company of Sri Lanka

10. Mr. YSHIK Silva:

11. Mr. R.M Nanayakkara

Green Lanka Shipping Limited, RN Group 

12. Mr. Anthony Page

Ceylon Theatres Group of Companies

13. Mr. H.K.J Dharmadasa 

Nawaloka Hospitals / Nawaloka Group of Companies

14. Mr. V.R Page

15. Mrs. L. Captain

16. Mr. K. Balendra

17. Mrs. T.A Selvaratnam

18. Dr. Sena Yadehige

19. Mr. G.C Wickremesinghe

20. Mr. J.C Page



  1. Another country where the wealthy don’t help the country. I’m sure the top two could each buy a super tanker of oil to help without an issue. I’m sure like in the USA they pay basically nothing. They just screw the workers while the working class has crushing taxes. Plus world wide runaway inflation. I feel sorry for the people. I saw on a non American tv report taking about the gas shortage a Tuc-tuc driver saying how great living in Sri Lanka and wished everyone could see it. There were some elevated pictures and it looked beautiful. I’d like to visit if my health improves.