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Saturday, June 12, 2021

Top 20 World Deadliest Pandemics


Image by fernando zhiminaicela from Pixabay 

Pandemic         Disease                             Death toll

1. Black Death Bubonic plague             75–200 million

2. Spanish flu Influenza A/H1N1             17–100 million

3. Plague of Justinian Bubonic plague     15–100 million

4. HIV/AIDS pandemic HIV/AIDS     35 million+ (as of 2018)

5. Third plague pandemic Plague             12–15 million

6. Cocoliztli Epidemic of 1545–1548 Cocoliztli   5–15 million

7. Antonine Plague Smallpox or measles     5–10 million

8. 1520 Mexico smallpox epidemic Smallpox     5–8 million

9. COVID-19 pandemic COVID-19             3.8 million+ (reported on  June 2021)

10. 1918–1922 Russia typhus epidemic Typhus 2–3 million


11. 1957–1958 influenza pandemic Influenza A/H2N2 1–4 million

12. Hong Kong flu Influenza A/H3N2                     1–4 million

13. Cocoliztli epidemic of 1576 Cocoliztli             2–2.5 million

14. 735–737 Japanese smallpox epidemic Smallpox     2 million

15. 1772–1773 Persian Plague Bubonic plague     2 million

16. Naples Plague Plague                                             1.25 million

17. Third cholera pandemic Cholera                             1 million+

18. 1629–1631 Italian plague Bubonic plague     1 million

19. 1889–1890 flu pandemic Influenza                     1 million

Friday, October 30, 2020

Top 20 American States By Total Coronavirus Cases


Alt ="USA map"

     State Total Oct-2020 Deaths  Recovered

1 Texas 942,486 18,402 789,067

2 California 925,055 17,571 475,301

3 Florida 794,624 16,726 561,288

4 New York 539,715 33,643 418,045

5 Illinois 400,171 9,945 277,183

6 Georgia 356,848 7,923 196,402

7 North Carolina 271,830 4,332 231,611

8 Tennessee 256,880 3,263 227,271

9 Arizona 242,480 5,918 40,697

10 New Jersey 240,781 16,469 181,046

11 Wisconsin 214,996 1,948 168,117

12 Ohio 208,997 5,325 165,302

13 Pennsylvania 208,087 8,837 156,214

14 Michigan 190,043 7,653 114,939

15 Alabama 189,149 2,914 81,005

16 Missouri 186,194 3,047 49,379

17 Louisiana 181,837 5,908 168,634

18 Virginia 179,639 3,643 19,929

19 South Carolina 174,591 3,889 89,472

20 Indiana 172,730 4,260 119,664

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Top 20 -Corona Virus Disease 20 Best Advices For The Public

 Corona Virus Disease (Covid 19) 20 Best Advices For The Public

1. Maintain a minimum of a 1-metre distance between yourself & others.

2. Always wear a masks a daily a part of being round others.

3. Clean your palms previous you placed your mask on, moreover as before and after you are taking it off.

wash hands

4. Make positive it covers both your nostril, mouth and chin.

5. Avoid the 3Cs: areas which could be closed, crowded or involve close touch.

6. Avoid crowded or indoor settings however if you mayn’t, then take precautions:

7. Open a window. Increase the amount of ventilation’ while interior.

8. Regularly and punctiliously easy your palms with an alcohol-based totally hand rub or wash them with soap and water. This removes germs

9. Avoid touching your eyes, Hands contact many surfaces and might devour viruses. Once infected, hands can transfer the virus on your eyes, nose nostril or mouth.

10. Avoid touching nose Hands touch many surfaces and may acquire viruses. Once contaminated, palms can transfer the virus in your eyes, nose nostril or mouth. 

11. Avoid touching mouth. Hands contact many surfaces and might form viruses. Once contaminated, arms can transfer the virus to your  eyes, nose nostril or mouth.

12. Cover your mouth and nostril along with your bent elbow or tissue whilst you cough or sneeze. nostril or mouth. From there, the virus can input your body and infect you.

13. Put the used tissue without delay into a closed bin and wash your hands. 

14. Clean and disinfect surfaces regularly particularly those which are frequently touched, inclusive of door handles, faucets and make contact with kinsmen round you from viruses, 

15. Know the general range of symptoms of COVID-19. the foremost commonplace signs and symptoms of COVID-19 are fever, dry cough, monitors.

16. Stay home and self-isolate whether or not you've got minor signs including cough, headache, slight fever, till you bounce back. scent, aches and pains, headache, inflammatory disease, nasal congestion, purple eyes, diarrhoea, or a rash. and tiredness.  

17. Call your health care provider or hotline for advice. Have someone bring you supplies. If you would like to travel away your private home.

18. If you've got got a fever, cough and issue breathing, Inform local healthcare authority, Call through Telephone.

19. Keep update on the modern-day information from relied on reliable resources, be able to and befits the instructions of your local health authority.

20. Get information from your nearby local and national authorities and public services.

Top 20 Food & Nutrition Tips To Prevent Covid 19


Image by Pabitra Kaity from Pixabay

Top 20  Food & Nutrition Tips To Prevent Covid 19

1. Make a plan - Take most effective what you need 

2. Be strategic about the use of elements - prioritize fresh merchandise

3. Prepare home-cooked food 

4. Take benefit of food delivery alternatives 

5. Be aware of portion sizes 

6. Follow safe meals dealing with practices 

7. Keep your arms, kitchen and utensils easy

8. Separate raw and cooked meals, Specially raw meat & fresh vegies 

9. Cook  meat & your food very well

10. Maintain your food at secure temperatures, either beneath 5 °C or above 60 °C; and

11. Use safe water and uncooked material.

12. Limit your salt intake 

13. Limit your sugar intake 

14. Limit your fats intake  

15. Avoid trans fats as a whole lot as feasible. minimally processed meals and ingredients are higher alternatives.

16. Consume enough fibre 

17. Stay hydrated 

18. Avoid drinking large amounts of strong espresso, strong tea, and especially caffeinated smooth beverages and strength liquids.  

19. Avoid alcohol or as a minimum lessen your alcohol consumption  

20. Enjoy own family food

Monday, October 26, 2020

Top 20 Interesting Facts About Corona Virus (Covid 19)

Top Twenty Interesting Facts About Corona Virus (Covid 19)

Fact 1. Covid-19 and SARS-CoV-2 aren't the same component. Covid-19 is a disorder (D stands for ailment) as a result of a brand new coronavirus. SARS-CoV-2 is the real name of the virus.

 Fact 2. CoV is brief for CoronaVirus, Coronavirus. This is the call of the family of viruses (there are approximately 40 of them), which bear resemblance with the sun corona due to the spinous crests.

 Fact 3. Coronaviruses are impostors from biology. The tailpiece of every spike “imitates” the molecule of a beneficial substance, in order that the mobile receptors gladly pull it into themselves, and the whole virus is squeezed into the cellular after the spike is in. This is how contamination happens.

Fact 4. The time period "new coronavirus" (novel or nCoV) way that earlier than neither scientists nor the cells met this virus before.

Fact 5. Over 2 million years of evolution, our immune device has learned to address most regarded infections, but the new coronavirus catches it by means of surprise, this it’s so difficult to address and quite clean to get inflamed.

Fact 6. Once in a mobile, the virus “seizes” manage over it and forces it to with no end in sight produce its personal copies - as opposed to its standard proteins. A chain response begins. As a end result, the mobile dies, however the provider of the contamination becomes contagious.

Fact 7. At the preliminary level of infection, the new coronavirus actively reproduces itself in the throat and higher respiratory tract. Then the contamination is going down and can attain the lungs, causing inflammation.

Fact 8. That is why the first symptom of contamination is a cough. Only then the temperature begins to upward push.

Fact 9. Or it does now not begin - in 30% of sufferers in Wuhan, the temperature on the time of arrival at the health center was normal. 

Fact 10. Many those who turn out to be infected (18% or one in 5 people) do not even have a cough. The disorder proceeds with none symptoms at all: someone may not even suspect that he is sick.

Fact 11. Moreover, such an asymptomatic affected person is still an active service of infection and may infect others.

Fact 12. If Covid-19 proceeds benignantly, its signs and symptoms are very similar to the usual seasonal flu: dry cough, fever, fatigue, now and again muscle pain or headache.

Fact thirteen. Covid-19 is likewise handled in the equal way as everyday flu - at home, symptomatically.

Fact 14. One of the maximum uncommon signs and symptoms of coronavirus is the loss of a experience of flavor and/or scent.

Fact 15. Loss of a feel of taste and/or scent isn't a commonplace symptom - is does no longer necessarily occurs in all Covid-19 cases, sometimes it's miles the simplest symptom.

Fact 16. So if you all at once forestall smelling or tasting, that is a purpose to develop suspicious and take measures. 

Fact 17. Important: the carrier of a brand new coronavirus becomes risky to others right away after being inflamed - long before the primary signs and symptoms (if any).

Fact 18. The excellent information: the extra lethal a pandemic is, the worse it is spreading. By killing its grasp, the virus can not infect others. Therefore, the virus hardly ever mutates into a more deadly form, it isn't in its hobbies.

Fact 19. The awful news: SARS-CoV-2 - is simply from a extraordinary category. This virus makes its host a spreader, but it does no longer appear straight away or does no longer seem in any respect, so the service manages to contaminate numerous more humans.

Fact 20. On common, each carrier of a new coronavirus manages to infect 2 to 4 healthy human beings. This wide variety is better than seasonal flu (1.3), however lower than measles (12+).