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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Top 20 Highest Waterfalls In The World

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 List Of  Top 20 Highest Waterfalls In The World

No 1 Angel Falls 979 m (3,212 ft) Venezuela

 No 2 Tugela Falls 948 m (3,110 ft) South Africa

 No 3 Tres Hermanas Falls 914 m (2,999 ft) Peru

 No 4 Olo'upena Falls 900 m (2,953 ft) United States

 No 5 Yumbilla Falls 896 m (2,940 ft) Peru

 No 6 Vinnufossen 860 m (2,822 ft) Norway

 No 7 Balåifossen 850 m (2,789 ft) Norway

 No 8 Pu'uka'oku Falls 840 m (2,756 ft) United States

 No 9 James Bruce Falls 840 m (2,756 ft) Canada

 No 10 Browne Falls 836 m (2,743 ft) New Zealand

 No 11 Strupenfossen 820 m (2,690 ft) Norway

 No 12 Ramnefjellsfossen 818 m (2,684 ft) Norway

 No 13 Waihilau Falls 792 m (2,598 ft) United States

 No 14 Colonial Creek Falls 788 m (2,585 ft) United States

 No 15 Mongefossen 773 m (2,536 ft) Norway

 No 16 Gocta Cataracts 771 m (2,530 ft) Peru

 No 17 Mutarazi Falls 762 m (2,500 ft) Zimbabwe

 No 18 Kjelfossen 755 m (2,477 ft) Norway

 No 19 Johannesburg Falls 751 m (2,464 ft) United States

 No 20 Yosemite Falls 739 m (2,425 ft) United States

Friday, October 2, 2020

Top 20 Best Countries to Travel in 2020

1. Sri Lanka - lush greenery and beautiful beaches

Image by Ama Dam Vila from Pixabay

2. New Zealand - an irresistible sight

Image by Ondřej Šponiar from Pixabay

3. Germany - the perfect map

Image by FelixMittermeier from Pixabay

4. Panama - beautiful beaches

Image by tvshoppingpty from Pixabay

5. Kyrgyzstan - semi-nomadic experience

Image by Makalu from Pixabay

6. Jordan - open yourself up to new experiences

Image by Heidelbergerin from Pixabay

7. Indonesia - the most beautiful of all

Image by ArtTower from Pixabay

8. Belarus - Europe's most popular

Image by Zdeněk Fekar from Pixabay

9. Belize - Entered into Maya culture

Image by Michelle Maria from Pixabay

10. Egypt - Safari in the desert

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

11. India - Spirituality 

12. Oman - Arab gemstone

13. Croatia - a treasure trove of experience

14. Bhutan - the happiest country in the world

15. Spain - a living culture

16. Ethiopia - Horn of Africa

17. Peru - Living on the edge

18. The Netherlands - beautiful canals and museums

19. Barbados - Sunny Beach

20. Costa Rica - Great Adventure

Monday, September 28, 2020

Top 20 Largest Cities In the World

 1 Tokyo  

Image by Sofia Terzoni from Pixabay

Tokyo is consider as largest city of the world & Asia. This largest city in Japan is a Metropolis prefecture. City total population is 37,977,000.

2 Delhi  

Image by shalender kumar from Pixabay

India National capital territory 29,617,000

3 Shanghai  

China Municipality 22,120,000

4 São Paulo  

Brazil Municipality 22,046,000

5 Mexico City  

Mexico City-state 20,996,000

6 Cairo

Egypt Urban governorate 19,372,000

7 Mumbai  

India Municipality 23,355,000

8 Beijing  

China Municipality 19,433,000

9 Dhaka  

Bangladesh Capital city 15,443,000

10 Osaka  

Japan Designated city 14,977,000

11 New York City  

United States City 20,870,000

12 Karachi  

Pakistan Metropolitan city 14,835,000

13 Buenos Aires  

Argentina Autonomous city 16,157,000

14 Chongqing  

China Municipality 7,739,000

15 Istanbul  

Turkey Metropolitan municipality 15,154,000

16 Kolkata  

India Municipality 17,560,000

17 Manila  

Philippines Capital city 23,088,000

18 Lagos  

Nigeria 15,279,000

19 Rio de Janeiro  

Brazil Municipality 12,272,000

20 Tianjin  

China Municipality 10,800,000

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Top 20 Cities To Visit In 2020

 1. Sydney, Australia

Sydney, which is located in Australia and has some of the most fascinating swimming pools and beaches in the world, is heavily ranked in the outdoor category on this list .. Most of the bushfires approaching the threshold of Sydney, Australia are frightening . But once the smoke clears , the New South Wales region will need more tourist coins than ever.  ..

2. London , England

London's major attractions can go back thousands of years ,  However , the capital's shops , bars , hotels and eateries appear almost weekly . Whether you are adventurous , hungry or available and have your own family , there is a special London neighborhood for analysis and every look will be a different prospect than the final trip ..               

3. New York City, USA

New York's Concert Art Show - Broadway and Every Rotten Show - is a favorite of website visitors and locals alike , so it's not surprising that Big Apple topped the lifestyle in this ranking . But it is no longer limited to music . New York has been ranked fifth among the Museums , it is constantly promoted by the 2019 Modern Art Museum and the Museum of Use Photo new , is opened at the Manhattan District      

 4. Paris, France

 Why we love it: The Notre Dame fire has become a devastating reminder of how tourists around the world rightly appreciate Paris, and the simplest height as capital prepares for the 2024 Olympics . Upload 24 infrastructure improvements and a new lodge in the city for 12 months, with a world-class art we love (however , time to display Da Vinci) ,   Buy it (she beat in New York and London List resonance A12 is monthly ) , And international food .

5. Tokyo, 

Japan As the 2020 Summer Olympics approach , everyone will be heading to Tokyo this year . Although you may not be able to obtain tickets for the newly completed National Stadium Harbor Celebrations , this  Year Of It's still worth it .. Whether you choose to visit the new area of ​​Sook or Raman waiting for Sukiji fish or a changing lifestyle , this is well worth planning for a full round trip dining trip. (It was second only to its restaurants ). If you are going to eat the maximum price range of your flight , do not worry . There are low cost hostels in Tokyo for online booking .  

6. Moscow , Russia

 The Russian capital, Red Square, is famous for its unique landmarks, such as the colorful St. Peters Cathedral . But did you know that it is one of the first tier cities to fly in and out of the world ?  Resonance in addition to being the first person to be associated with the airport in the classification  , The airport has changed Sheremetyevo International in Moscow these days Sirium for a company with the world's highest airport on time annual performance review on time .  

7. Dubai , United Arab Emirates

 Why we love it: You can get involved with Sky Building Reporting in Dubai and have earned that reputation properly .. 2020 The tower will surpass in Santiago Castle is the successor to the tower in Dubai Creek because it is the tallest building in the world and was completed at a distance . However , you will not spend your entire trip here at home . Ranked fifth in the Emirates Outdoor category Resonance Emirates has a new nature-stimulating shopping center with artificial islands or a roof garden and two hundred. A common rectangular base from the outdoor gardens for thousands to explore . 

8. Singapore

Will earn a small red dot the city , due to the gross domestic product and safety marks become the first place . Singapore Shopping , Lawn Airport Terminal and Newly Renovated Raffles Singapore Lodge.

 9. Barcelona in Spain

 As you can often see in the Barcelona poster , Barcelona's acceptance of high - profile travel as a child is nothing more than an expense . Barcelona is a beautiful city to explore along its coastline and landmark famous architecture , and it ranks New York & London in this ranking for nightlife options.  Simple grading In the meantime . Be sure to book in advance , especially for the biggest interests in Barcelona . 

10 . Los Angeles , USA 

Received Los Angeles 2019     With over 50 million website visitors from around the world the ability to find beaches , movie theaters , museums and big names . But the Los Angeles culinary renaissance to travel between , it will be held to show the alternate weeks, separate restaurants , a bar, a number of offers from Hollywood roofs from the west of the city. All the coastal communities have seen places like the beaches of Venice and the East Face . Eco Park has been improving their game in recent years .

11. Rome , Italy

The eternal city attract everyone's storm path kōbal ,    But Rome never relied on laurel wreaths . New reasons to go to the city A 17th century mansion is equipped with a completely new car and the first lane is in Amaro Europe - but be careful when eating and drinking .       

12. San Francisco, USA

 Why we can not deny it: The ring list is attributed to the fact that the check pays high salaries due to the arrival of talented employees in San Francisco , but San Francisco was definitely one of our favorites . Since the airport is located a valuable destination route New ( Ish ) in food for the airport in San Francisco International (SFO) offers pastries couple and more to stop other delicious food , and the Grand Hyatt Web page , similar to a staff of the design and , in are healthy , because , because of the maintenance of public art initiatives . The city was filled with activities , and all high-tech wage is not necessary .          

13. Madrid , Spa Spain promotion .Therefore

 Why we love it: SPA Spain promotion capital of any great capital to explore and hiking - the massive street or navigate Rina Sofia or navigate Prado Museum Hall . . But be sure to enjoy a nap with the realization that the nightlife scene in Madrid should not be overlooked . In fact , send the AFAR recently novelist Mira T. Lee right on trial at the end of my spa Spain promotion .Therefore           , Were brought back flemenkō watching the show, and find her love for dancing nights on the golf gear community cukā city .    




14. Chicago , United StatesIt may not get dozens of peaks for its cold climate , but Chicago makes it even better with refrigerated roof bars and even year round entertainment . Sometimes the negative weather makes indoor cultural sports a comedy show . The main attractions are a visit to the Second City or to the Art Institute and Field Museum in Chicago . Fine dining, but not only in vision rise up , make sure you take the time to eat some food when its traditional pizza .         .

 15. Abu Dhabi , United Arab Emirates

The UAE capital, Dubai, is working hard to establish a quiet alternative to high-end shops and skyscrapers .  For arts and traditions in the meantime .  attempt to gain real exchange over the next few years . In fact , the Louvre has opened in Abu Dhabi and several other companies are currently being established with Frank Jerry - Designer Guggenheim Abu Dhabi      , And a museum in Syed Nation was created by Norman Foster    , And Museum Tado Ando Maritime  , Central Arts and performance means a designer & Deep iron expire .     

16. Amsterdam , Netherlands

 Frequent flights from the largest cities in the United States , easy access to Amsterdam - and its beautiful canals and world-class museums - make it a popular stop for any European cruise .. In addition to its first-class cultural services, Amsterdam is also at the forefront of sustainable tourism .  2018 In, a hospitality company began to replace obsolete bridge houses in Amsterdam with attractive rooms in my car and by 2030 all fuel and diesel engines will be banned from entering the city.. 

17  Beijing, China

Prominent architecture designed Beijing airport. It currently serves 45 million passengers annually, but will serve 100 million passengers in the next 12 months . Integrating state-of-the-art infrastructure projects with architectural historical architectural marvels such as the Great Wall of China and the Temple of Heaven and Beijing will continue to rise with these results in the coming years . ..

18. Toronto , Canada

 Why can not we reject it: half from the foreign born residents in Toronto, and it becomes a different city to live in or to visit . Like any other important city , Downtown has , but Toronto pleasantly explores its multicultural neighborhoods - and the raw materials to discover . You will find only three Chinese neighbors , a Korean city , and the Ethiopian influence in Queen West and Latin American goods in the Kensington market .    .

 19. Doha , Qatar

Why we love it: increased and the place from where 18 of the 44-year list in Doha , 2022 thanks to the infrastructure of all the panels ready for hosting the World Cup .. The Museum of Islamic Art, IMP, and the National Museum of Qatar, created by him, were created by Jeanne Novell . By the year 2022          There are 21 new lodges to choose from, as well as sky-scrapers and shops for those in Dubai to buy the opposite... Among all those fantastic new things , stay tuned for steering wheels and traditional souks as well .

 20. Hong Kong , China

Long to attract a variety of foreign origin citizens in the city of Hong Kong, the hub of international business with food and structure are clear .. 2019 In Hong Kong Tourism Foundation protests as locals fight for independence from Chinese mainland.. Currently , the unrest continues but as things calm down there may be a high demand for tourists and dollars ..